Where did the Rangers come from?

Some say that Rangers were born of Elitist sperm and egg. Some say that when the Titans of ancient history got a little two drunk on fine wine, they molded Rangers of marble and granite. Some say that when two old and crusty Rangers love each other, they make little Rangers. But since I can neither confirm nor deny any of these claims, let’s just say that Rangers come from the most amazing community in the world. They’re everyday people, from all walks of life, of all colors and creeds, that come together to better those around them. To help the community they love and keep them safe. Element 11 Rangers are trained by Black Rock Rangers from Burning Man. We’re kinda like their kid siblings. They watch over us while we regional Rangers serve our local communities around the world. Black Rock Rangers provide us support and training and a dose of sheer awesomeness!

Who are the Element 11 Rangers?
What kinds of things do Rangers encounter?
Why should I become a Ranger?
What kind of commitment does it take to become a Ranger?