Who are the Element 11 Rangers?

Element 11 Rangers are part of the Element 11 Event volunteers who follow the same rules, and get the same training as the Black Rock Rangers at Burning Man. Rangers come in many flavors: there are “just your average awesome Rangers” (Dirt Rangers), and there are Rangers who are also known as Green Dots. All Green Dot Rangers get the same training as the regular Rangers, but they also take additional training to help participants that are having a difficult time, emotionally or otherwise. All Rangers are trained to help participants in our community solve their own problems, whether it be a border dispute between two camps, or any other disagreement that may arise. Sometimes it’s as simple as just being there and doing nothing. Often, Rangers simply listen and encourage all parties to “talk it out”. Rangers may help mediate a resolution that works for all involved parties.

Our other duties are to act as an emergency response team when there’s an injury or other urgent issue. We interface with the Fire Department and Law Enforcement when they’re visiting the event. We also do perimeters for art burns such as the Temple and Effigy. We are participants just like everyone else at Element 11.

We are NOT event security.

We’re here to have fun just like everyone else. We simply volunteer in a unique way and are there for our community year round – this is our Art.

What kinds of things do Rangers encounter?
Why should I become a Ranger?
What kind of commitment does it take to become a Ranger?
Where did the Rangers come from?