What kinds of things do Rangers encounter?

Rangers can encounter all kinds of things throughout the event. We’re needed to set up perimeters in the event of an injury at the event, and assist our medical volunteers in getting the injured party the medical assistance they need. Rangers set up and maintain fire perimeters, and on rare occasion have to deal with the consequences of people being unsafe around fires; unfortunately, this can include injury and possibly even death. We encounter people who become “altered” (as we like to say) and we help them find their way. Sometimes it’s back to their camp, and sometimes it’s back to reality.

Sometimes we see the underbelly or the “dark side” of an event. Rangers are called to assist with people who are fighting (even in “domestic disputes”), especially when Law Enforcement is called for assistance. There are all kinds of things that people are capable of, especially when in an altered state, and we, as Rangers, deal with those situations. They’re far less common than the great experiences you’ll have: meeting fellow burners and experiencing the amazing things people can create.

Who are the Element 11 Rangers?
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