What kind of commitment does it take to become a Ranger?

To become an Element 11 Ranger, there’s just a few things you’ll need to do. First of all, we ask that you’re sane. Sane is good. It’s also relative. So you have to be able to make good decisions. One of those decisions HAS to be that you attend ROM or the Ranger Orientation Meeting. This is our annual training. It’s held over a weekend sometime between when snow stops falling and the Element 11 Event begins (It’ll be announced all over the place when we have both a venue and a date.)


  • Ranger training is held during the day on Saturday and we usually have what we call “Beer Thirty”. This is an ad-hoc event where the crusty old Rangers and the Shiny Penny Rangers mingle over grub. Questions get answered, and stories are told. It’s a great time and builds the relationships you will value for a lifetime.
  • Green Dot Training is held on a Sunday morning. You have to have attended Ranger training to do the Green Dot training, as all Green Dots are Rangers, first and foremost. We cover the finer arts of helping people who may be in emotional distress, or may have suffered some kind of event that was traumatic to them personally. Where Rangers tend to use Duct Tape to help solve problems, Green Dots use tissue.

After ROM, you get added to a super duper secret mailing list where Ranger events and details are discussed and shift sign up’s get posted. The shift sign up is the best part! You get to pick the shifts that will earn you stuff like your Ranger shirt and hat! It’s recommended that you pick up a couple dirt shifts and one or two perimeters. Perimeters are where you get your front row seats for the burns!

The last thing you really need to become a Ranger is snark and a sense of humor; it’s the currency among Rangers. If you do all of the above, you’ll be part of the Element 11 Ranger Family, our community’s favorite elitist clique!

Who are the Element 11 Rangers?
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