2018 Element 11: As You Wish

July 12th-15th

Ticket sale is open!

Ice and vehicle passes also available
And check out the new kids pricing!!!!

To buy your tickets online click the picture or link below!

Tickets can also be purchased in-person at iconoCLAD in SLC.

2018 Element 11 Tickets


Get your tickets now!

Click the link above or —> Tickets <—

Be sure to check out the Element 11 – 2018 Survival Guide!

It contains many useful tips that could save your life…literally! Newcomers and veterans alike should read it. Everything from terrain and fire hazards to dates and times. Click the image above or —> 2018 Survival Guide <—

What? Where? When? Guide

and Art Car Registrations

Register Now for 2018!

Going to have an event? You don’t have to have a theme camp, just a commitment to your fellow participants. Publish it in our What/Where/When? Guide  – Submissions Extended until June 18th

Register Now for 2018!

Got an Art Car? Register it here before 6/30: Mutant Vehicle Registration

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