Element 11 2024 Ticket Sales: Detailed Breakdown and Dates

We have made a few changes to the ticketing process for Element 11 2024. This guide provides a comprehensive look at the ticket categories, costs, and sale dates.

Ticket Costs and Fees

Element 11 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, exempting ticket sales from sales tax. However, additional vendor fees are applied:

  • Ticket Vendor Fees: $0.99 + 1% of the ticket price.
  • Payment Processing Fees: $0.30 + 2.9%.

Volunteer Ticket Pricing and Sale Dates

Volunteering offers discounted tickets. All volunteer ticket sales open March 2nd and close April 30th.

  • Guaranteed Ticket Volunteer (5 hours): $250. 
  • Twinkler Volunteer (10 hours): $187.50.  Guaranteed access to a full price vehicle pass
  • Star Volunteer (20 hours): $125.  Guaranteed access to a full price vehicle pass
  • Supernova Volunteer (35 hours): Free, includes a free vehicle pass. 

Other Ticket Categories and Dates

  • Child under 3: Admission is free.
  • Child 4-17: $187.50.
  • Low Income: $125. Applications open February 17th, sales start March 16th, and close April 30th or when all available have sold out, whichever comes first.
  • FOMO: $400. Sale opens March 2nd and closes April 5th.
  • DGS (Directed Group Sale): $250. Applications open February 17th, sale opens March 23rd, and closes April 5th.
  • Main Sale: $250. Sale on April 6th, expected to sell out the same day.
  • OMG Sale: $275. Often the last chance to secure a ticket. Sale opens May 4th, expected to sell out by May 5th.

Ticket Sale Dynamics

The anticipated population for this year’s event is 2,200. The ticket allocation is as follows:

  • General Sale: 40% of the total tickets.
  • Low Income: 10%, aiming to make the event accessible for all.
  • FOMO: These tickets are special as they help offset the reduced costs for low-income tickets.
  • DGS: 25%, catering to specific groups or communities within the event.
  • Volunteer Tickets: The remaining 25% are dedicated to our invaluable volunteers.

Vehicle Passes – Two Options This Year!

  • Standard Vehicle Pass: $50.
  • Park and Camp Pass: $25. A new option for those bringing minimal gear. 

This new Park and Camp pass will allow you to park your vehicle in a designated parking area. You will then take your supplies from your vehicle to your camping area. This is designed to reduce the number of cars in designated camping areas at the event. These passes are ideal for people who have only themselves and their own gear to worry about, and are not bringing any shared infrastructure for campmates. 

Vehicle Pass Availability

For every two tickets purchased, approximately one vehicle pass will be available. This ratio is designed to manage the number of vehicles at the event efficiently.

Understanding Sellouts

  • Soft Sellout: When all tickets are in carts or in the checkout process. There is a 10-minute window to complete the purchase.
  • Hard Sellout: When all tickets are sold and paid for. 

In 2023, the main sale reached soft sellout in 14 minutes and hard sellout in 2 hours. Similar trends are expected for 2024.


Q: Can I participate in both the DGS and main ticket sales?
A: Generally, DGS participants are pre-selected groups or individuals, and if you’re part of this, you may not need to participate in the main sale. However there is nothing prohibiting you from purchasing a ticket in the main sale and the DGS sale.

Q: What if I miss the DGS application deadline?
A: If you miss the DGS deadline, your next chance would be the main ticket sale or the OMG tickets.

Q: Are volunteer tickets different from DGS tickets?
A: Yes, volunteer tickets are specifically for those contributing their time and effort to the event, while DGS tickets are allocated to predetermined groups or individuals often based on past contributions or involvement.

Q: How competitive is the low-income ticket application process?
A: It can be quite competitive, as these tickets are limited and cater to individuals with financial constraints.

Q: Can I purchase a low-income ticket and a ticket in the main sale or DGS sale?
A: No. Any individual who purchases a low income ticket and a full price ticket will have their low income ticket refunded and canceled.

Q: How many tickets can I purchase at 1 time in the main sale or OMG sale?
A: You can purchase 2 tickets and 1 vehicle pass per transaction.

Final Thoughts

This guide is designed to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of the ticket sales process for Element 11 2024. From various ticket types, additional fees, to the logistics of purchasing and the concept of sellouts, we’ve covered it all to ensure you’re well-prepared for the upcoming ticket sales. Remember, planning and being aware of the timelines is key to a successful ticket purchase. We look forward to seeing you in the dust!

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