E11 2024 Vehicle Passes

As Element 11 gears up for another unforgettable year, we’re excited to introduce a revamped parking pass system aimed at not only improving the overall event experience but also addressing one of our most persistent challenges: congestion. With the introduction of the General Vehicle Pass and the new Park and Camp Pass, our goal is clear—to make Element 11 more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for everyone. In this blog post, we’re diving deep into how these changes might affect your camping and parking choices, answering your most pressing questions, and explaining why we believe these adjustments are a step in the right direction for our community.

TL;DR: Element 11 is introducing a new parking pass system with two options: the General Vehicle Pass ($50) for those who need their vehicle at their campsite, and the Park and Camp Pass ($25) for attendees with minimal gear, encouraging less congestion and a more communal environment. The changes aim to improve the event experience, manage costs, and promote sustainability. Theme camp organizers are called upon to help enforce the new system, ensuring its success and maintaining the integrity of camping areas. The community’s cooperation is essential as we experiment with these new measures to make Element 11 more enjoyable and accessible for everyone, while also addressing potential challenges and misuse with a commitment to adjustments as needed.

Understanding the Two Passes

Navigating the parking at Element 11 has always been a bit of an adventure. This year, we aim to streamline this experience with two distinct parking pass options. The General Vehicle Pass, priced at $50, is your go-to if you’re planning to bring a fair amount of gear or need your vehicle close by for convenience. It’s perfect for those who view their vehicle as part of their camping setup.

On the flip side, the Park and Camp Pass is a new, budget-friendly option at $25, designed for attendees traveling light. It allows you to park in a designated area on the venue’s west side, encouraging you to embrace a more communal camping experience. This setup aims to reduce vehicle traffic and foster a safer, more connected environment. It’s essential to choose the pass that best aligns with your camping needs and intentions, ensuring that everyone contributes to a smoother, more enjoyable Element 11.

Overview of Parking Pass Changes

Parking passes were initially introduced to manage the costs associated with annual road maintenance required by Box Elder County. Building on this necessity, we’ve incorporated a new, budget-friendly Park and Camp Pass, alongside the traditional General Vehicle Pass. This initiative serves to encourage attendees with minimal gear to utilize a designated parking area, thereby reducing clutter and fostering a more communal atmosphere within the main camping zones.

To support this effort, revenue from the “FOMO” vehicle passes is being directed to subsidize the discounted passes. This strategic move is intended to balance financial sustainability with our commitment to improving the event experience.

A specific call to Theme Camp Organizers

Our theme camp organizers are the heartbeat of Element 11, creating immersive experiences that define the essence of our gathering. This year, we’re counting on you more than ever to help uphold the spirit and functionality of our new parking system. If a car with a Park and Camp Pass finds its way into your camp, it could be a signal for us to revisit how we can better align with the community standards that make Element 11 so special. Together, we can ensure the integrity of our camping areas and maintain the unique privileges that come with being a theme camp. Your role in enforcing pass use is crucial, not just for the success of this initiative, but for preserving the vibrant culture and standing of theme camps within our community.

By focusing on these areas—providing clarity on the parking passes, encouraging the right choices, and collaborating with our invaluable theme camp organizers—we aim to navigate the new system successfully and enhance the Element 11 experience for everyone. These changes represent our community’s adaptability and commitment to making each year better than the last, and we’re excited to see how these improvements positively impact our collective experience.

Addressing Potential Challenges

Innovating comes with its share of risks, including the potential misuse of the new parking pass system. Should this occur, we may need to reassess the availability of vehicle passes in future events, potentially limiting access further to ensure a balanced and enjoyable experience for all attendees. This scenario underscores our commitment to carefully monitoring the situation and making adjustments as needed.

We understand the importance of finding the right balance between accessibility and the environmental footprint of our event. Reducing the number of vehicles within the event not only contributes to a safer, more engaging environment but also aligns with our sustainability goals.

Addressing Your Concerns

1. Will the cheaper pass be misused by those wanting to park at their camps?

We understand concerns about the Park and Camp Pass being purchased as a cost-saving measure by those who actually intend to park at their camps. To address this, we are considering measures to ensure the pass is used as intended, though the logistics of monitoring every vehicle post-arrival are challenging. We will be relying on our Placement Team primarily to enforce correct parking.

2. Enforcement and Guidance to the Designated Area:

Attendees using the Park and Camp Pass will be directed by the Placement Team to the designated parking area upon arrival. This process is designed to ensure that participants find the correct parking spot smoothly and efficiently.

3. Handling Misuse of the Park and Camp Pass:

In cases where a vehicle with a Park and Camp Pass is found parked in a theme camp or open camping area, the situation will primarily be managed by the new Placement Team, with support from the Rangers as needed. Our goal is to address these instances respectfully and efficiently, ensuring compliance without disrupting the event’s positive atmosphere.

4. Usage Clarity and Theme Camps:

There’s been some confusion about the intended use of the Park and Camp Pass, especially regarding theme camps and open camping areas. The Park and Camp Pass is specifically for those who are willing to park in the designated area for the duration of the event. There will be some usage for people who wish to carry their belongings from their vehicle to our designated “Walk-in” camping area, but also some usage from people who will be camping with theme camps, to reduce the number of vehicles parked in their theme camp. Both of these are valid uses of the Park and Camp passes.

Here’s the Deal

We’re all about trying new things to make Element 11 the best it can be. But with new ideas come new challenges, like making sure these parking passes are used as intended. If we see that people are not sticking to the plan, we might have to rethink the number of vehicle passes we offer next time around, which could make it tougher for everyone to bring their cars in.

It’s an experiment in community cooperation and adaptability, with the success largely depending on the collective action of all participants. We know change can be a bit tricky, but we’re in this together, and we believe in our community’s ability to adapt and look out for each other.