Theme Idea Winner 2024: PJ Solomon

Theme Idea: Oasis of Dreams

My name is PJ, I’m currently living my best life in Salt Lake City with my lovely fiancée and a handsome young cat. I was first brought to E11 by a close friend last year, and was absolutely enthralled by the incredible community, as well as the art, setting, and atmosphere.

While it’s hard to pick a singular favorite part of the experience, I felt that the evening of the Burn stood out as an especially special moment, both for the beauty of the event itself, and the sentiment surrounding. I was inspired to write in this year’s theme by the same elements that captured my imagination last year, namely the amazing environment of Stargazer Ranch, and the unlikely and ephemeral collection of artists, creators, lovers and dreamers all within that space. E11 is an oasis in more ways than one, providing spiritual, creative, and experiential nourishment to those that are able to attend.

I’m looking forwards to seeing how the Oasis of Dreams becomes manifest.

Though I most often practice radical self-expression and reliance in my day-to-day life, this year I’m working towards a further connection with participation and communal effort, finding myself in the collective.

Looking forwards to seeing all you dreamers!

– PJ Solomon