Directed Group Sale (DGS) Deadline

Last day to apply for Directed Group Sale(DGS) for Element 11 2022. Application closes TONIGHT at 11:59pm MT!

After last year’s fast and unexpected sell out, we found that key members of our community were left with no way of joining our event. Theme camps, artists, performers, and volunteer were all left scrambling to figure out ways to join our event. ⁠

With this in mind, we are implementing a “Directed Group Sale” for key members and contributors. This tactic has been used by Burning Man at BRC for many years and has proven to be successful and efficient. ⁠We are excited to support participants, contributors, doers, movers, and shakers and hope to alleviate some of the stress that comes with purchasing a ticket during our main sale. ⁠⁠Click here to apply:

Art: H.A.L Effigy by Chad Wing
Picture: Matt Brooks