Open Positions at Element 11

Element 11 is looking for fun, creative, motivated, and talented individuals to join our team!

All board, cabinet members, and leads must:
– Champion burner ethos & culture, the 10 Principles, and the Element 11
-Exercise the highest level of honesty, commitment, and cooperation
-Place the interests of Element 11 as an organization, and as a community,
above all else

E11 Treasurer
Performs the financial functions of E11, Inc. Enforces all financial policies. Handles
all accounts payable, handles all accounts receivable. Manages all bank accounts
and cash assets. Manages all BOD Debit cards. Files annual IRS 990/tax documents-
handles all conflicts with IRS. Files regular sales tax reimbursements. Receives and
manages donation money and records. Development of the annual budget.
Reviews, updates, and adheres to the Finance Policy. Sits as a member of the
Executive Committee. Assists in feasibility analysis of all E11 planning (including
ticket sales, department budget planning, and all related). Primary point of contact
for all financial matters.
Email to apply. Include resume and name of position.

E11 Secretary
Archives BOD records. Takes minutes at all BOD meetings. Sends out meeting
announcements. Distributes copies of agenda and minutes to each BOD member.
Ensures all corporate records are maintained. Maintains corporate history. Sits as a
member of the Executive Committee.
Email to apply. Include resume and name of position.

E11 Volunteer Director
Organizes activities within the community focused on building community, learning
about burner culture, and building/strengthening friendships. Focuses on activities
that allow new and current community members to engage with our community
year-around rather than just at the Element 11 event. Encourages community
members to get involved with community by volunteering and directs community
members to volunteer opportunities. Ensures Element 11’s volunteers are
supported and that all participants can find information needed to sign up for
volunteer shifts both before and during WBTC & E11. Recruits volunteers for all E11
events. Ensures all aspects of Volunteer Day are planned and permitted in advance
and executed timely. Coordinates with Volunteer Appreciation program. Manages
the Volunteer Recruitment Department. Assists Directors in recruiting volunteers for
day lead roles. Responsible for hosting the Volunteer Appreciation Party. Organizes
and manages Volunteer Lounge for WBTC and E11 Event. Ensures leads and
volunteers for following roles: Kitchen Leads, Cooks, Volunteer Coordinators,
Burning Angels, and all related/appropriate roles. Supports Burning Angels
volunteers with good cheer, care, and refreshments.
Email to apply. Include resume and name of position.

Social Media Manager/ Copywriter
Promotes community involvement online. Creates communication/educational
material and media. Creates social media content to share on multiple platforms. Copy-writes content for website, newsletters, social media posts, and other forms of communications.
Email to apply. Include resume and name of position.