Theme Art Winner: Bailey Charlesworth

What first drew you to Burning Man and/or Element 11?

“I originally did not want to go. I judged E11 way too quick and thought it was a silly festival. All my logic screamed it would be a huge distraction in discovering what money was. I may have already declared myself a pirate to my then mentor months ago, but I was choosing to be conservative in my choices while sailing the seas of wealth. I did not want any distractions. When I was offered to go, I flat out said no. When I went to bed that night, something whispered to me. I would lose sleep at night if I didn’t go. I didn’t understand it, but everything I was learning up to that point taught me my gut is never wrong. I listened to my gut and E11 gave me my answer to my mission of success.”

How many times have you been to E11 and/or Burning Man?

“I was a virgin last year at E11 2022. I knew I wanted to go to something bigger. I hunted down a ticket for Burning Man immediately after and went for my first time solo. Thank you Dumpling and Cosmiquarium Village for hitching me a ride home!”

What is your favorite thing about E11?

“This is the hardest question. Easily could say the art, connections, the talented wizards, the lack of social anxiety, no money, giving, receiving, dancing, 60 mph winds, life long friends, pirates, etc.

My all time favorite reason however, was E11 discovering and giving me my zeal. The value I have been seeking my whole life. My reason to live, breath, walk, work, connect, exist, and wake up in the morning. I am meant to fuel that fire we call ‘passion’ and live my life as an artist.”

What inspired you to create the theme art?

“I discovered I have the power to transform my reality, and my reality is rooted in my brain. No matter my circumstances, my trials, my tribulations, circumstances, I have the power to change my mindset and shift my reality with my thoughts. I have the power to program my brain to create my own unique world. If I didn’t feed my brain with philosophy and the principles of success after quitting the 9-5, I never would’ve been able to listen to my gut to go to E11. My enchanted roots is my brain.”

What is your most memorable moment at E11?

“My most memorable moment at E11 was after the temple burned up in flames. I went three times a day writing my intentions to achieve success in the temple. Morning, noon, night. When the temple fire turned green from the salt of the Great Salt Lake, I felt a new type of energy burn up into the ether and fuel me. It overwhelmed me with joy and the confidence I will leave poverty behind me forever. I laughed and laughed and laughed for hours coming to this realization. At one point, I ran out of my tent and shouted to the world ‘I AM CAPTAIN ANTIMONY AND I DECLARE WAR WITH SOPHISTA PIRATES!!!’ They inspired me so much and gave me my ‘why.’ I’m a Captain so I have to build my own table and inspire them like they did me. I fell back laughing and laughing and laughing. I was filled with pure ZEAL for the first time in my life. The rangers were called on me and I recall one of them saying ‘this is uncharted territory,’ which was HILARIOUS. I was coherent, I knew what was happening, but I needed to laugh and couldn’t speak through my laughter. I was eventually brought to sanctuary and given a pin they put on my Captain’s hat (that I made at Sophista Pirates) saying ‘I survived trouble.’ I laughed until sunrise, which was my best medicine that destroyed all doubt. Then I packed up camp and left E11 with my mission and the biggest smile on my face.”

How are you going to interpret this year’s theme at the event?

“E11 is where I found my earthly roots and without obsessively fueling my mind with the principles of success in my books (treasure maps), I never would’ve found my home with this community. I am so grateful I quit my 9-5 to dedicate my time to transforming my thoughts, ideas, beliefs, mindset, and identity. E11 and Burning Man is where I will achieve my dreams and create the reality I desire. It is my home. It’s where my roots lie. It enchanted me.”

What is your favorite principle and why?

“Immediacy. Immediacy is my favorite principle because all procrastination is born of fear.”