2024 Art Grants

Art grants for 2024 have been awarded! We had just over 70 applications this year, which is up ~50% from the previous year. We are providing funding to 58 of those projects, ranging from 25% to 60% of their expected budget. The overall art budget for this year’s event was a whopping $100,000, a huge increase from last year! With as many applications as we had, some larger grant requests received less than perhaps expected, but most small grants received the full amount of their allowable ask.

The art grant committee this year was composed of current/past board and cabinet members, as well as long standing members of our community. The process of poring through each and every application was demanding, but we were all blown away by the creativity and passion of the community.

There was a bit of confusion about what expenses are allowed through art grants, specifically regarding equipment and events. We appreciate the community’s flexibility and understanding as we continue to hone this process. The goal for next year is to make our expectations clear, and spell out exactly what can and cannot be paid for.

A huge thank you to David Giardinelli, Olga Reese, Bobby Gittins, Erik Plata, and Kam Hammond for their service on the art grant committee!