2024 Park and Camp Passes Q&A

With the introduction of Park and Camp passes at Element 11, we’ve noticed some confusion and plenty of questions. This blog post aims to clarify how these passes work, provide specific numbers on tickets and vehicle passes, and address common inquiries about the Park and Camp option.

Ticket and Vehicle Pass Breakdown

First, let’s look at the exact numbers of tickets and vehicle passes available:

  • Main Sale Tickets: 1100
  • DGS Tickets: 400
  • Volunteer Tickets: 461
  • Other Tickets (Low Income, FOMO, Raffles, Contractors): 239

Vehicle passes are allocated as follows:

  • Main Sale Vehicle Passes: 550
  • DGS Vehicle Passes: 157
  • Volunteer Vehicle Passes: 199
  • Other Vehicle Passes (Various): 194

On May 4th, during the OMG sale, we will offer all remaining tickets and vehicle passes not claimed by volunteers. Of the vehicle passes available, 250 were designated as Park and Camp passes.

Q&A on Park and Camp Passes

Q: What exactly is a Park and Camp pass? A: The Park and Camp pass allows attendees to bring their vehicle to the event, unload their gear, and then park their vehicle in a designated area separate from the camping area. This initiative aims to reduce the number of vehicles in camping areas, creating a safer and more communal environment.

Q: Can I bring a trailer with my Park and Camp pass? A: Yes, trailers are permitted under the condition that the towing vehicle can be detached and parked in the Park and Camp area. The trailer can remain in the camping area.

Q: How many Park and Camp passes are available? A: For this year’s event, there were a total of 250 Park and Camp passes available for purchase across all ticket categories.

Q: What’s the purpose of the Park and Camp pass? A: The primary purpose is to reduce the number of vehicles in the camping areas, helping to create more space for activities and community gathering spots, and to enhance safety by minimizing vehicle movement within crowded areas.

Q: What happens to vehicle passes that are not claimed by volunteers? A: Any unclaimed vehicle passes will be made available during the OMG sale on May 4th. This gives attendees another chance to secure a vehicle pass for the event.

Q: How many vehicle passes will be available in the OMG sale? A: We don’t know. Really, we don’t. Each year a different number of volunteers claims their reserved tickets and vehicle passes. However, based on historical trends, we can safely guess at least 40 general vehicle passes will be available at that time.

Q: If I have a Park and Camp pass, do I have to carry my gear a long way to my campsite? A: No need to worry about a long trek with your gear. If you’re holding a Park and Camp pass, you’ll be allowed to drop off your gear at your campsite first. After unloading, you’ll then drive your vehicle to the designated Park and Camp parking area. Please note that you should park your vehicle BEFORE setting up your camp.

Q: If I choose to camp in “Walk-in Camping”, how far will I have to carry my gear? A: The distance from the designated parking area to the walk-in camping areas can vary. We strive to make it as convenient as possible, but be prepared to transport your gear a short distance. We recommend packing accordingly, with portable containers or carts to ease the transportation of your belongings.

Q: With a Park and Camp pass, do I need to consider anything specific about what I bring to the event? A: While there are no additional restrictions for Park and Camp pass holders beyond our standard event guidelines, it’s crucial to plan not to need frequent access to your vehicle once you’re settled at your campsite. Pack thoughtfully, prioritizing items you’ll need at your campsite and minimizing the necessity to visit your parked vehicle. This approach helps maintain the serene and communal atmosphere of the camping areas. Essentials that support your comfort and enjoyment without requiring back-and-forth vehicle access are ideal.

Q: Can I save a spot for my friends in the camping area if I arrive first? A: We encourage community and camaraderie at Element 11, but we also ask that you be considerate of other attendees. Saving a small amount of space for friends arriving later is generally acceptable, but large areas cannot be reserved. Communication and flexibility with your neighbors and fellow attendees will be key.

Q: How will safety and security be managed in the Park and Camp parking area? A: The safety and security of our attendees and their property are paramount. The Park and Camp area will be monitored by security personnel throughout the event. However, we also encourage attendees to secure their valuables and to not leave items in plain sight in their vehicles.

Q: What if I decide I need my vehicle during the event? Can I move it back to the camping area? A: Once your vehicle is parked in the Park and Camp area, it must remain there for the duration of the event to minimize movement and ensure the safety of all attendees. If you anticipate needing your vehicle regularly, consider opting for a General Vehicle Pass instead.

Q: Are Park and Camp passes refundable if I change my mind? A: As with all tickets and passes for Element 11, Park and Camp passes are non-refundable. We encourage you to consider your choice carefully before purchasing. If your plans change, you may be able to transfer your pass to another attendee.

Glad we could clear the air on the Park and Camp passes! We’re all about making sure you have an amazing time at Element 11, keeping things safe and chill in our camping spots. Let’s team up to make this Element 11 one for the books – fun, memorable, and smooth for everyone involved!