Community Legacy Program

Element 11 is proud to announce a new community program:

The Element 11 Community Legacy Program

This program honors Burners who have shown exceptional commitment to our community, and is a way for E11 to show our love and gratitude for their many years of beautiful service.

In addition, this program will help to foster the development of new aspiring leaders and encourage them to follow in the grand footsteps of those honored Burners who have come before them. In this way, we hope to encourage new Burners to develop their leadership skills within our community and rise to fill leadership roles critical to our community and critical to our Event.

And as always, community is paramount. Therefore, this program is built on the foundation of positive and authentic engagement in our community, and a commitment to the 10 Principles.

So how does this program work?

This program is similar to a scholarship.  The “Honoree” is the person who’s service is being honored.

To roll out this program, E11 has selected 5 exceptional persons in our community:

Princess Robby
QuickDraw Annie
Marshal Corey


For each Honoree in this program, E11 will give an annual scholarship to an aspiring leader in our community who follows in the footsteps of that specific Honoree. And of course, it goes without saying that there are so many exceptional Burners in the E11 community! We love you all! Just because you are not on this list, does not mean that you are any less amazing! We just had to start somewhere, and we felt that these 5 people were a great start! E11 will add new Honorees in the future as we grow this program.

Here is an example:

The Princess Robby Legacy Award honors the legacy that Princess Stephanie has demonstrated through the Princess Party Palace, and through Robby’s leadership as Engine 11 Fire Marshal. If a junior Burner is developing a camp that demonstrates Community and Gifting similar to the Princess Party Palace, or if that junior Burner is aspiring to grow their service in E11 fire control, then they can apply to receive the Princess Robby Legacy Award


There are benefits to being an Honoree, and there are benefits to being an Award Recipient!

Each Honoree can attend E11 for free forever! (as long as they maintain a positive standing in our community, they will always have a home at Element 11!) Honorees will also receive other benefits such as a customized commemorative shadow box, being featured on our website, and inclusion in the E11 Tarot Card set as a special gold-trimmed card!

Award Recipients will receive two tickets to Element 11, plus a $200 honorarium!


We believe that vibrant community engagement is key to the success of E11 as an organization and as an Event. And we feel that nominating someone you appreciate and admire is a noble thing!

If you know someone who you think might make an exceptional candidate as an Award Recipient, please email us at

If you would like to suggest a new Honoree to be added to the program, please email us at

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at