Theme Art Winner: Ash Amos

Hi! My name is Ash Amos, I also use the moniker “Psynts” pronounced Science. I am a painter & multimedia artist. I was born in SLC and have lived in Utah all of my life, though I’ve traveled around quite a bit.

What first drew you to Burning Man and/or Element 11?

I first found out about Element 11 when one of my close friends, Alex Suzuki, won the theme art competition a few years ago and invited me and some other friends to check out the event with him. I was totally unprepared, didn’t know anything about the ten principles or what to expect but still felt so welcomed and instantly knew I found a community I wanted to be a part of. After seeing fire spinners I was inspired to get into the flow arts and practiced non stop for a year and then performed with the fire tribe the next year.

How many times have you been to E11 and/or Burning Man?

This year will be my 7th Element 11.

What is your favorite thing about E11?

One of my favorite parts of Element 11 is the theme camp I’ve been a part of the past few years; shout out to my dear friends in the SophistaPirates! Love you all.

What inspired you to create the theme art?

This was my second time making theme art for the competition and I’m so excited I won this time! I was inspired by the name & wanted to combine a cosmic vibe with a circus vibe by giving the mask wings and having it appear to tear through the old timey paper background revealing outer space in the background.

What is your most memorable moment at E11?

Some memorable moments at E11 for me; last year I was telling people that a captain’s wheel attached to our camp structure controlled all of the lights and lasers going as a prank and got some really funny reactions from people. Getting to DJ for a bunch of people dancing and partying even though I’m a very bad DJ and didn’t know what I was doing, haha. Kissing on top of tall climbable structures. Watching the burns is always a powerful moment every year. Experiencing all the amazing art, too many amazing memories to even try to choose a favorite.

How are you going to interpret this year’s theme at the event?

I think I’ll probably try to dress up a little circusy. Maybe I’ll dress like a mime from outer space, or get out some of the old circus toys and props!

What is your favorite principle and why?

My favorite of the ten principles is radical inclusion. It’s great to feel welcome and celebrated in the community.

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for my design; and also plug my art instagram @psynts

Thank you!