Theme Idea Winner: Adrielle Vance

Hi! My name is Adrielle. I live in Salt Lake with my boyfriend Andy and our 9 year old rescue pup Corn. I’m the Business Manager for an architecture design studio.

What first drew you to Burning Man and/or Element 11?

I love desert camping. One morning while we were camping at the Knolls, I woke up covered in dust and my boyfriend said “you look like someone I’d meet at Burning Man!” I knew nothing about the event, but after reading and researching everything I possibly could, I knew I had to go home to Burning Man. I loved the values of the principles, the art looked amazing, and I loved the opening and welcoming culture of the community. Shortly after we got tickets, I found out that Utah had their own regional, so we decided to check it out, without really knowing anything it. E11 2019 was my first burn ever. It was so fun, and I fell in love with the event and the community!

How many times have you been to E11 and/or Burning Man?

I’ve been to Burning Man once in 2019 and E11 twice, in 2019 and 2021. Can’t wait to camp with Cosmiquarium at Burning Man this year!

What is your favorite thing about E11?

My favorite thing about E11 is meeting awesome like-minded people! Everyone at E11 is so nice and welcoming, I’ve made great friends every time I’ve gone!

What inspired you to create the theme idea?

I love everything about carnivals and fairs – the costumes, the food, the atmosphere… I always thought a carnival-themed event with a cosmic twist would be awesome. Thank you to everyone who made my carnival-themed E11 dream come true!!!

What is your most memorable moment at E11?

There are too many to choose from! Drinking champagne under the stars in an art installation in the middle of the night, singing emo Karaoke at CocoCabana, the infamous Prettiest Boobs contest, crying at the burn, just to name a few!

How are you going to interpret this year’s theme at the event?

I’m definitely going to make some Cosmic Carni food for the community – corn dogs, caramel apples, cotton candy… and I want to dress space-themed!

What is your favorite principle and why?

Radical Self-Reliance is my favorite principle, and ultimately what makes Burning Man and E11 different from any other event. Without E11 providing music, entertainment, food, etc, it allows people to get creative with what they bring out to playa!