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The Salt Shaker, Volume 03, Issue 07 – 2015.12.01

Where does time go?! It’s hard to believe it’s already been over four months since Element 11! Apparently, time flies when you’re having fun! For the Element 11 BOD, things barely slowed down and now are beginning to ramp up again as we start with 2016 planning. We’ve got the dates figured out (even added an extra day!), the theme decided, new board members elected, art grants open and it’s just the 1st of December! Wow!

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2015 Utah Regional Decompression!

Plan to join us! When: October 10, 2015 @ 2pm to October 11, 2015 @ Noon Where: Fort Buenaventura in Ogden Why: Reconnect with those you met on the playa (either BRC or Stargazer), get inspired from all the creativity within the burner community here in Utah, &... read more

Theme Submissions 2016 – Coming Soon

The Theme process for 2015 was a very interesting and very personal process for me since I happen to be married to the person who created the “Under the Stars” theme (no, it wasn’t rigged). Seeing it go from an idea to a fully engaged and embraced concept was something difficult to describe; satisfying, beautiful, awe-inspiring…those are a few of the feelings.

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This year saw many things move; our venue, Joe Russo, the Volunteer Kitchen, Joe Russo, Center Camp…Joe Russo. In that fine tradition we are doing yet another move! We’re migrating this very web site from our old, tired, busted, web server, to a new home.

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Stargazer Ranch is Ready

The lights are on.  The last nails,  the final screws are finding their place.  The camps are marked. We’re just waiting for you to make it home.  Drive safely. Be careful on the dirt roads; there are some sand traps that may cause grief if you’re unwary.... read more

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